March 10, 2014

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February 27, 2014
A STORY: “Part 1: Scars Can Be Fond Footnotes”

My mother never talked much, and she spoke even less when she was finally gone as she would be in a year’s time. I speak not of her tragic passing, rather my mother was one day simply expunged from the records of my reality, a stain that had come away easily under enough rubbing…though those stains that were washed easiest were those that were freshest, the sooner you got to a stain the more the chance you could leave a carpet behind smooth of tarnish or wrinkle (and how full our home always seemed to be of ornate carpets whose weaving all seemed to be old tales of Mongol rampage), something I had observed from staring long enough at the activities of one of the many nameless frightened-looking sweaty women that cleaned the rooms of my wing of the house every two weeks.

My mother was still there that day, however, and as always we seemed communicate more expressively through the soft touch glances of our muddy eyes above our genetically guaranteed bushy eyebrows. I had her nose, her eyebrows, and her unspoken drive to be a tragic hero like one of the protagonists of the old silly Euriphile myths I used to be able to read in my father’s library before they had inevitably gotten an invitation to join the always-burning pyres out on the main thoroughfare that were constantly stoked by masked shifty shadows of men whose ferocity seemed extinguished the moment they noticed I was watching them.

Anyway this was an unspoken urge inside of her that never needed expressing for me to take note of it in the tired lakewater of her eyes, that dream she now had exclusively to be a seer whose prophecies were never believed or a king doomed by his traits to wreak havok on his family or some hero who the fates had determined would fall from grace. Always it was fate that served as the one calling the shots, the Lieutenant General Amandi of the myth (I’ll speak more on that reptile in spectacles at some point I’m sure, unless he finally manages to mix some organ-burning noxious mixture into my dinner of fresh salmon and guacamole) the taskmaster, the clear sign that you were free to absolve yourself from responsibility. Believing your downfall is totally and utterly predetermined created the comforting sort of feeling I usually had in the rare moments of silence from my father’s wrath at home when I was within an elevator, staring at numbers that succinctly conveyed to me of the hellos and goodbyes of the floors of our house as I rose or fell past them one by one.

I had never touched the delicate pale skin of responsibility, of accountability, any more than I had touched the similarly tantalizing breasts of one of my father’s household of housewives (those with the strange hair the color of sand, imported mostly from Euriphile bloc countries, always had broiled my youthful juices the fiercest…but I’ll touch on that topic at a later date. Get it? Touch on it?) or witnessed any sights not visible from the balconies and gardens of our sixty thousand square foot home…which was quite a paltry home as my father would often quake in rage thankfully momentarily directed at not-me-people, specifically at his never-not-smiling remora men: “In my name, I tell you I have heard that the home of Chancellor Jadagi is more than twice the size of this…this…shack! Shall we allow a neighbor to humiliate us in such a fashion?!” (“No sir, absolutely not sir”, I would silently respond in one of my many brains before they voiced their actual replies, though unlike my father’s advisers I never had the burden-releasing comfort of obsequiously addressing him as “sir”).

I know that I have strayed far away from the subject of my mother and my last visit to her compound, something I often found myself doing, there was less heartbreak in simply imagining she did not exist and now presumably because of the generosity of my ten-brained father I need no longer use my measly six brains to imagine such a situation! I do feel the urge to say something before I wade back into that little room of heartbreak, paper surgical masks, and my best friend Rouhi’s solemn rifle-toting vigil at the door of my mother’s hidden space: I learned about remora in a book I read, I bet you were surprised by the fact that I even knew what they were! Leafing through pages of spotted octopi and sharks with too much ambition to identify with, the blurry yellowed photograph of the little tapering trifle of a creature seemingly more serpent than fish attached to a large water beast that did not even notice its presence…that page felt like a mirror into my six terribly hefty hearts, particularly the one that sometimes ached with the most immense sort of sorrow out of all my sorrows: the sorrow whose cause I could not place, who came like the sudden seemingly-random nightly appearances of a leather belt’s familiar bite and loud command in the night that I needed to be stronger if I had any hope of being half the man this currently-beltless man was according to his very-convincing rocket-propelled words.

I know a remora has nothing to do with my mother, a remora has nothing to do with anything but other fish in the vast lakes my tutor Miss Bellia says cover most of Father’s Earth, I may be the only Son of a God who you wouldn’t be able to pick out of a crowd if I were stripped of my normal silky robes and family uniform heavy with medals I had earned every time the stony fist of that aforementioned Living God graced gospel against my increasingly chipmunky cheeks. But it’s not my fault Hassan II never felt it necessary to breathe and live when departing my mother’s loins, that was his stupidity and what an idiot my should’ve-been older brother had been to forget that breathing was one of the most important parts of being able to be alive! I have heard it said that the little lifeless human they took away from the deadening chorus of my mother’s screams was double the size of my form when I was divinely birthed upon Father’s Earth: then I wonder why it was the smaller Hassan that remembered to breathe when exiting the wonderful void it had been inhabiting up till now in the grand hundred year span of all human history! Perhaps he had merely overpacked his luggage, as my father is want to do when he attends those wonderful televised games of sport full of pale soggy sunlight-haired men arguing and shouting at him in some Euriphile tongue I could not understand (though there was always the tenth or twentieth word familiarly Hassanese, such as “weapons” and “destruction”, words that seemed to make up at least ninety percent of Loosy Goose Amandi’s expressed vocabulary when he deigned communicate through sounds from his throat rather than steely glances of the two black beans so comfortably stationed behind his thick lenses).

Suffice to say that mother’s inability to recreate my great father’s bravery (which had overcome a thousand Euri-funded armies!) and definitely unmuddied tempest voice and tempest eyes (which would watch over our homeland for a hundred years more!) was probably one of the many reason my visits to her had always required the strange introduction of blindfolds and blind jeep rides to undisclosed locations (always with kind reassuring conversation from my greatest friend Rouhi alongside me, ever since my first visit when I was still a tiny copy of my father without any facial hair to speak of, he always made sure I was not frightened or far worse bored).

February 23, 2014
useful links about the 50s/60s/70s for fanfiction/imagine writers!!



  • 50s 
  • 60s
  • 70s (includes lots of phrases used by hippies)







it’s good to be well-informed when writing fanfictions and such and i hope this helps u guys out!!!

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February 20, 2014
Writing Purple Women

A reference guide for what makes a well-written female character.

February 19, 2014
masterpost for writers creating their own worlds, or even just characters



names that have specific meanings

meanings of any names

popular baby names

upper class names

common last names

fancy last names

aristocratic/royal names

random name generator

random place name generator

list of latin words

english to latin translator

english to greek translat


greek mythology database

the culture of ancient rome

list of legendary creatures

fantasy name generator

feel free to add in any links!


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January 20, 2014

This is an ultimate masterlist of many, many resources that could be helpful for writers/roleplayers.
Improve Your Writing Habits Now
5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Writing
Getting Over Roleplaying Insecurities
Improve Your Paras
Why the Right Word Choices Result in Better Writing
4 Ways To Have Confidence in Your Writing
Writing Better Than You Normally Do
How’s My Driving?
A Description Resource
55 Words to Describe Someones Voice
Describing Skin Colors
Describing a Person: Adding Details
Emotions Vocabulary
90 Words For ‘Looks’
Be More Descriptive
Describe a Character’s Look Well
100 Words for Facial Expressions
To Show and Not To Tell
Words to Describe Facial Expressions
Describing Clothes
List of Actions
Tone, Feelings and Emotions
Writing Specific Characters
Character Guides
Writing Help for Writers
Ultimate Writing Resource List
Lots of RP Guides
Online Writing Resources
List of Websites to Help You Focus
Resources for Writing Bio’s
Helpful Links for Writing Help
General Writing Resources
Resources for Biography Writing
Mental Ilnesses/Disorders Guides
8 Words You Should Avoid While Writing
  Body Language
Body Language Cheat
Body Language Reference Cheat
Tips for Writers: Body Language
Types of Crying
Body Language: Mirroring
Words Instead of Walk (2)
Commonly Confused Adjectives
A Guide on Punctuation
Common Writing Mistakes
25 Synoms for ‘Expession’
How to: Avoid Misusing Variations of Words
Words to Keep Inside Your Pocket
The 13 Trickiest Grammar Hang-Ups
Other Ways to Say..
300+ Sophiscated and Underused Words
List of Misused Words
Words for Sex
100 Beautiful and Ugly Words
Words to Use More Often
Alternatives for ‘Smile’ or ‘Laugh’
Three Self Editing Tips
Words to Use Instead of ‘Walk’, ‘Said’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’
Synonyms for Common Words
Alternatives for ‘Smile’
Transitional Words
The Many Faces and Meanings of ‘Said’
Synonyms for ‘Wrote’
A Case Of She Said, She Said
Writer’s Block
How to: Cure Writer’s Block
Some Tips on Writer’s Block
Got Writer’s Block?
6 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block
Tips for Dealing With Writer’s Block
Application (Itself)
How to: Make That Application Your Bitch
How to: Make Your App Better
How to: Submit a Flawless Audition
10 Tips for Applying
Para (Sample)
Para Sample Ideas
5 Tips on Writing an IC Para Sample
Writing an IC Sample Without Escaping From the Bio
How to: Create a Worthy IC Para Sample
How to: Write an Impressive Para Sample
How to: Lengthen Short Para’s
Drabble Stuff
Prompts List
Writing Prompts
Drabble Prompts
How to Get Into Character
Writing Challenges/Prompts
A Study in Writing Prompts for RPs
Para Prompts & Ideas
Writing Prompts for Journal Entries
A List of Para Starters
Bad Asses
Bitches (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
Emotional Detachment
The Girl Next Door
Introverts (2)
Mean Persons (2)
Party Girls
Rich (2) 
Serial Killers (2)
Shyness (2, 3)
Villains (2)
Disorders in general (2, 3, 4, 5) 
Attention Deficit Disorder
Antisocial Personality Disorder
Anxiety (2, 3, 4, 5) 
Avoidant Personality Disorder
Alice In Wonderland Syndrome
Bipolar Disorder (2, 3)
Cotard Delusions
Depression (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)   
Eeating Disorders (2, 3)
Facitious Disorders
Histrionic Personality Disorder
Multiple Personality Disorder (2)
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Night Terrors
Kleptomania (2)
A Pyromaniac
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (2)
Sex Addiction (2)
Schizophrenia (2)
Sociopaths (2)
Aspergers Syndrome
Someone Blind (2)
Cancer (2, 3)
Muteness (2, 3)
Ballet Dancer (2)
Alcohol Influence (2, 3, 4, 5)
Cocaine Influence
Ecstasy Influence (2)
Heroin Use
LSD Influence
Marijuana Influence (2, 3)
Opiate Use
California (2, 3)
England/Britain (2, 3, 4, 5)
New York
The South (2)
Females (2)
Males (2)
Witches (2)
A Death Scene
Loosing Someone (2)
Old Persons
Physical Injuries (2, 3)
Sexual Abuse (2)
Fight Scenes (2, 3, 4)
Biography Writing
Components of Your Biographies
Character sheet (2, 3)
Need Help With Character Creation?
How to: Draw Inspiration for Characters From Music
How to: Write a Biography (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
How to: Write a Fully Developed Character
How to: Create a Cast of Characters (2)
Writing an Original Character (2, 3)
Creating Believable Characters (2, 3)
Bio Formats (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Little Things You Can Add To Your Bios
Connections (2)
Bio Twists
Female Names (2, 3, 4, 5)
Male Names (2, 3, 4, 5) 
Last Names  (2, 3, 4)
Jung’s 16 Personality Types
Underused Character Personalities
Birth-Order: Personality Traits
The Difference Between Personality and Behavior
How to: Show a Characters Personality In a Paragraph
16 Character Traits
Underused Personalities
Personality Traits

Positive (2)
Negative (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Both (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Addictions and Bad Habits
Bad Habits
Character Habits
Character Quirks
Phobias (2)
300 Possible Secrets to Give Your Characters
I Bet You Didn’t Know..
Character Plots And Secrets (2)
Celebrity Secrets
Secret Masterlist
Song Lyrics Masterlist
Songs for Biographies
Favorite Quotes: TV and Movies
Favorite Quotes: Notable Authors
Favorite Quotes: Celebrities
Favorite Quotes: Popular Books (2)
Quotes From Songs
Character Quotes
Masterlist of Bio Lyrics
Masterlist of Bio Quotes
Masterlist of Song Lyrics
Biography Lyrics
A Masterlist of Quotes
The Quotation Garden
Mary Sue’s

A Mary Sue In The Inbox
Your Character Is A Sue, Not Just A Mary Or Gary
Not Writing A Mary Sue

Para Titles
100 Paragraph Titles
Para Titles - Song Title Edition (2,3)
A Whole Ton of Para Titles
350+ Song Titles
Para Titles For You (2)
How to: Create an interesting starter
How to: Make an Interesting Starter
Gif Conversations: A Guide
A Brief Guide to Starters
Interesting Gif Convesation Starters
Starters Masterlist
Gif Starter Posts
46 Interesting Gif Chat Starters
Ideas for Gif Chat Starters
Masterlist: Jobs
Possible Careers for Characters
Artistic Occupations
Martha’s Vineyard Job Masterlist
Interesting Jobs
Para Ideas
Masterlist: Para Ideas
Top 50 Places for Starters
Writing Topics: Para Ideas
101 Date Ideas
68 Date Ideas
22 Date Ideas
Popular Places to Eat
Character Developement
Character Development Questionaire
Character Surveys
C.D. Questionaire
30 Day Character Development Meme
Character Development Questions (2)
100 Pt. Questionaire
IC and OOC Surveys
Online Test for Character Building
30 Days of Character Development
How to: Develop Characters
Get To Know Your Characters
Romance (in general)
The Little Ways a Ship Gets Build
Roleplaying Relationships
8 Ways to Say I Love You
How to: Make a Set Ship RP Work
How to: Write a Romantic Scene
Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Relationships
Putting a Label on It
Synonyms for Love
Pregnancy (2, 3, 4, 5)
Smut Guide: Casual Sex
Smut Guide: For Beginners
How to: Write a First Time Sex Scene Romantically
How to: Smut - The Bare Bones
How to: Smut (For Virgins)
How to: Write Lesbian Smut
How to: Write Smut (2, 3)
How to: Write a Blowjob/Prepping for Smut
Smut Guides of Tumblr
Tips on Writing Sex Scenes
A Guide to Language in Smut
Domination and Submission
Making Love
A Smut Guide
How to: Write a Kiss (2)
Different Types of Kisses
Writing Out the First Kiss
Plot Writing
How to: Create the Best Plot for Your RP
How to: Create A Plot Outline in 8 Steps
How to: Write A Plot in 12 Steps
How to: Write A Quality Plot
How to: Spice Up Your Roleplay Plots
Components of Your Plot Page
Writing Up A Plot
Basics of Writing A Plot
Links for Plot Writing Help
Eight Unique Plot Ideas
Plot Twists
Situation Ideas (2, 3)
Guide to Plotting
Eras Masterlist
Everything You Need to Know Abut the 20’s
20’s Slang
Primary Sources on Ancient Civilizations
How to: Play the Greek Goddess ‘Harmonia’
How to: Roleplay In the Victorian Era
Victorian Dialogue


This is an ultimate masterlist of many, many resources that could be helpful for writers/roleplayers.





  Body Language


Writer’s Block


Application (Itself)

Para (Sample)













Biography Writing



Personality Traits



Mary Sue’s


Para Titles




Character Developement


Romance (in general)




Plot Writing


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January 14, 2014

Anonymous asked: How interesting that you did not cite the source of your 5k-note text post. writersfriend*tumblr*com/post/27081507555/outline-your-novel-in-30-minutes -- I know you did not write this. It'd be nice if you'd give the tutorial's original author the credit due them.

Oh whoops, that was back when the blog was just a dumping ground for my references so i never cited. I started citing when I started getting followers.

November 30, 2013


So I just wanted everyone to know that my laptop’s monitor is broken. Like, the LCD is just completely shot.

So I won’t be on very often (which really sucks).

November 25, 2013
10 Tips on Writing a Series


Writing a series takes a lot of hard work and dedication. In fact, writing a SINGLE book takes hard work and dedication. However, if you’re planning a series there are a few things you need to keep in mind. A series should not be thought of as one really long novel that is split up into several smaller novels and it shouldn’t be written that way. Each novel in a series should be easily distinguishable from one another. This all requires a bit of planning, so hopefully these tips will help you out.

1. Have a Plan

Obviously, it would take a whole lot of work to plan out an entire series, but you should know how many you want to write and how much time you’re going to give yourself to get it done. Create a writing schedule and do your best to stick with it. It helps to give yourself some leeway, but a writing schedule will help you remain focused.

2.  Know Your Characters

You need to have a general idea of what characters you will have throughout your series. Plan them out, know how long they’ll be sticking around, and understand how they will play into the larger plot. Each character still needs to matter, so make sure they’re developed.

3. Think Long Term

A long series will have a huge story arc, so you need to think about your long term story. It will take a while for plots to resolve, so you still need to find a way to keep it interesting.  Series will have a huge overarching plot, along with several sub-plots tied into the main plot.  

4. Write Your Novels in a Timely Manner

It helps to write the novels in your series one after another. I’m not saying you can’t take a break, I’m just saying try not to work on other long projects in between. Keep the novels fresh in your mind, so you’ll remember details.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Drastically Change a Character

Your characters will change over the course of a series, maybe much more than they would in a single novel. It depends on what you’re writing, but that will most likely be the case. So, don’t be afraid to drastically change some characters you’ve included. Give a reason for the change or develop it over time.

6. Introduce New Characters

You don’t have to have all your main characters introduced within the first novel. It’s not a no-no to introduce new characters in any of your novels, as long as there’s a reason and they’re significant to the plot.

7. Summarize What Happened in Earlier Books

A big problem I had with my own series was summarizing whatever happened earlier. I didn’t think it was necessary, but it is. Even if you just give a few sentence explanations, just to remind the readers, it needs to be done. Remind your readers of characters and plots. Remind them of your characters goals and motivations.

8. Goals Should Change

Your protagonist’s goals and motivations are going to change throughout your series. That’s okay because that’s what makes good character development. Don’t be afraid to switch up goals or have your characters reevaluate their goals. They will learn things along the way that might change how they’re thinking and feeling.

9. Know Your World

Don’t make it up as you go along. Your world should be clear and we should know if your characters change locations. This might take some worldbuilding, so make sure you take the time to plan it out. Know where your characters are and where they’re going.

10. Know How it Will End

You should know where your series is ultimately going and how it will end. Where will your protagonist be at the end? Where do you visualize them? What will be the outcome of all their struggles? Getting there is one thing, but you should have an idea where everyone will end up.

-Kris Noel

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November 20, 2013

Anonymous asked: How do you describe kissing/making out scenes? I'm having troubles writing about how they are feeling and what the actual thing is like physicaly.

Thank you for your question!

I’m going to throw some good links at you, I may add more later because I am falling asleep as I type:









Hope these help!

-Amanda Jo xx