July 21, 2014

Letter to an Unknown Soldier is creating a digital memorial for WWI by asking people to submit letters to the unknown soldier at Paddington Station.

Deadline is August 4.


In a year jammed-full of WW1 commemoration our project invites everyone to step back from the public ceremonies and take a few private moments to think.

If you were able to send a personal message to this soldier, a man who served and was killed during World War One, what would you write?


The response to this project has been extraordinary. Over 10,000 people have sent letters so far – and all sorts of people: schoolchildren, authors (including Stephen Fry, Malorie Blackman, and Andrew Motion), nurses, serving members of the forces and even the Prime Minister. If you write to the soldier, your letter will be published alongside theirs.


The website will remain open until 11 p.m. on the night of 4 August 2014. 

Between now and then every letter that the soldier receives will be published and made available for everyone to read.  Eventually all of the letters will be archived in the British Library where they will remain permanently accessible online. 

Your letter will help us create a new kind of war memorial – one made entirely of words, and by everyone.

Find out more information, read published letters, or visit our tumblr page for inspiration.

July 21, 2014

reiryugazacki said: Hi, I'm a Publicity Director for a litmag called Writerly. We've currently just opened up submissions for our first issue at our tumblr (writerlymag is the url) but we need help getting the word out. Do you think you could help us? If it makes any difference at all, our editors are offering free critique for every submission we get this issue, so this is a great opportunity for everyone. :)

Ah! I’m sorry I just got back from an exchange program where I didn’t have access to internet!

This sounds like an awesome opportunity for some of my followers. 

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July 6, 2014

Anonymous said: I'm not sure how to phrase this, but would a reveal be shocking/interesting to readers if it's common sense in real life? For example, a story where there are only men but then they find out there are women too? I know it would be surprising for the characters but would the readers find that boring? I have an interesting idea for a book that I really think has potential, but I need to develop it. I'm questioning a couple things about my plot now, so I need advice. Thanks!

I’m so sorry that I am just now answering (from mobile, even!). With the right atmosphere and world building anything can be shocking. There are examples of that scattered throughout literature (Brave New World for one). Yet again, sorry for my late answer and short reply. I am currently on the other side of the planet from my computer.

June 15, 2014

Anonymous said: (Vocabulary Anon) Thank you so much for answering so quickly! I'll definitely try these. ^^

Yeah, no problem!

I hope they help you out!

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June 15, 2014

Anonymous said: Thanks so much for helping with the speech repetition; it may not be much, but it helped a lot.

Not a problem! I’m glad I could help and it gave me a mission to work on.

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June 15, 2014

Anonymous said: Apparently my English vocabulary is pretty limited, and I feel like this is a very big problem for me, both as a writer and as an English-major-in-progress. (Not to mention a bit embarrassing as a native-speaker, honestly.) Do you have any suggestions for expanding/improving one's vocabulary?

My first suggestion is to read and read some more. When you come across a word you don’t know or only kinda know, write it down. 

Make an account with quizlet (it’s free, don’t worry) and keep them there and use their tests to help you learn them. If you don’t feel like making your own list I have a list of vocabulary from my Honors American Literature class

Another good resource is vocabulary.com.

There are a ton of games out there too! 

freerice is a game that gives rice through the World Food Programme!

June 15, 2014


Hey guys~! If you want to get featurepoints, would you please use my referral code?


thank you~! 

June 7, 2014

Anonymous said: [anon for mouthing words] its okay for not being able to get to it, i understand. what i'm looking for is what it's called, if it's treated and how, and how it works (say, a certain muscle memory, or why the human body reacts the way it does)

Okay, I looked in one of my psychology books and the closest thing I could find is called Palilalia, but that is repetition of words/phrases.

Another, similar thing is Echolalia but that is repeating others words.

Hopefully that can give you a good jumping off point.

June 7, 2014

//Absurdly helpful for people writing royal characters and/or characters who interact with royalty and members of the nobility.


//Absurdly helpful for people writing royal characters and/or characters who interact with royalty and members of the nobility.


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June 1, 2014

deannaaltomara said: Hey!! I'm having difficulty with my scenes, which are often short. I didn't have this problem when I was writing my first book, so I'm wondering if this is happening because it's what the story lends itself to? There's several main characters whom I figured were contributing to rushed feeling I was getting. Now I'm rewriting with a more focused story on one particular character, which is helping. But while I don't want my book to be choppy, I don't want to fill it with fluff either! Any ideas?

Hi! There is a thread on the NaNo website about this exact thing!

and if that doesn’t work for you there is also this article

Hopefully those help, but if you want or need more help, my ask box is always open!